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Hypristine Revolutionizes the Food & Agricultural Industry

Next Generation Solutions to Disease & Growth Control

HOCl has now been widely used on farming land and has been proven to be safe for continuous use around food products and animals. It is not just a powerful sanitizer and disinfectant but an effective plant and root cleaner used for post-harvest applications. It has additional benefits of preventing biofilms and mineral deposits in pipes and spray nozzles, preventing contamination around plant and treatment areas. Its versatility now forms an important component of biosecurity protocols for crop or plant growth, livestock care, and sanitizing farm buildings. Because of HOCl’s powerful sanitizing and disinfecting power and its ability to stimulate crop growth, HOCl has emerged as a critical solution in the face of an emerging global agricultural crisis.

HOCl For Farm Buildings

HOCl is safe enough to use on the farm continuously around animals and food. It can effectively sanitize and disinfect an entire farm building from floor to ceiling and can even help improve animal health at lower concentrations. Importantly, it is also used to sanitize and disinfect equipment, thereby enhancing biosecurity.

HOCl For Crops

HOCl is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-dehydrating solution that can be applied directly to crops with multiple beneficial effects. It is a full spectrum disinfectant (bacteria, virus, fungi, spores), prevents the development of biofilms and stimulates growth. It is also used post-harvest to increase shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.

HOCl For Livestock

HOCl is used to prevent infection in livestock leading to reduced cost and improved mortality as an ideal disinfecting and sterilizing agent. It can also be applied directly to animal drinking water, it is safe around animal feedstuffs, and can eliminate pathogens and keep water lines free of biofilms.


HOCl For Indoor Plants

HOCl is the perfect solution for keeping indoor plant growth as clean and healthy as possible. It is safe around food products and the family. Additionally, it is also used for algae control and in greenhouses. An advantage of HOCl is that no rinsing agent is required.


Hypristine For Your Farm

Hypristine specializes in large HOCl orders to cater to the needs of your farm. Please contact us to speak with a representative.